What is ”Bhag Northeast Bhag” that goes viral in NE ? (কি হয় ভাগ নৰ্থ ইষ্ট ভাগ ?)


        After ‘IMAN DANGOR XOSAKOI NE’ and ‘BHOI NAKHABA TIGER AHIBO’ , The North-Eastern region is buzzing with a teaser campaign which says “BHAG NORTH EAST BHAG!!” . The advertisement campaign carries three different types of creative advertisement scene in which different characters are running behind something which denotes something coming up which is going to make people run forgetting everything.

         North East People are eagerly waiting to know what is that which is going to make people run and who is doing all these? The teaser campaign is running in various mediums like print, OOH, TV channels, FM stations and digital media platform. The interesting aspect of this campaign is its tag line “Bhag Northeast Bhag!!” This tagline is so appealing to the people that it is getting used in their daily interactions.

        People in social media is also discussing and curious to know what exactly this advertise is for. here are some screenshots of people discussing on social media.

What the video :


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