Himanta Biswa at India Today Conclave 2018


           In the India Today Conclave 2018, Assam’s health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma confessed about his political journey from being former CM Tarun Gogoi's most-trusted Congress man to BJP’s poster boy of the Northeast.

           In the interview ,when he was asked if the Congress ever tried to woo him back, he said: "I have wasted 23 years of my political career for congress and I advice each Congress Leader when I meet not to repeat the same mistake'. And that is the main reason every individual Congress leader in the NE who mattered is in the BJP today."

           When Himanta was Asked to compare between Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah, he said, "Rahul Gandhi is a student of nursery in politics where Amit Shah has done his PhD in politics".

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