Nitumoni Saikia- Full Biography,Age ,Wife, Address

Nitumoni Saikia full biography :

Nitumoni Saikia is one of the most famous journalists of Assam. Currently, Nitumoni Saikia is working on Pratidin Time as Editor in Chief. Earlier he worked with News Live, one of the most popular news channel of Assam. In this article, we will try to cover all details of Nitumoni Saikia including Nitumoni Saikia age, nitumoni Saikia wife namenitumoni Saikia address, nitumoni Saikia mobile number everything.

Nitumoni Saikia date of birth:

Nitumoni Saikia was born on Narayanpur, Lakhimpur and currently, he is staying in Hatigaon, Guwahati.

Nitumoni Saikia Family:

Nitumoni Saikia's father name is Sonaram Saikia and mother's name is Makun Saikia. Nitumoni Saikia has two elder brothers and one elder sister. Nitumoni Saikia is the youngest son in the family. Nitumoni Saikia with his wife and daughter stays in Meghmalla Apartment, Hatigaon, Guwahati. The wife name of Nitumoni Saikia is Dr. Smritirekha Bhuyan. 

Nitumoni Saikia's Schooling:

Nitumoni Saikia completed his schooling from Narayanpur HS school. After that Nitumoni Saikia graduated from Darrang College, Tezpur. Later, Nitumoni Saikia completed his master's degree from Guwahati University.

Nitumoni Saikia's Marriage:

Nitumoni Saikia's marriage is a love marriage. He falls in love with Dr. Smritirekha Bhuyan who studied in during Darrang college who was his classmate.  His best friend Dr. Smritirekha Bhuyan now his life partner. They both got married in the year 2006.

Some rare photos of Nitumoni Saikia:

All other details like date of birth of Nitumoni Saikia, Nitumoni Saikia details Pratidin time and Nitumoni Saikia phone number will be added soon.

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