Top 10 Haunted Places in Assam !

In this article, we will discuss the most haunted places in Assam including haunted places at guwahati haunted places in dibrugarh Assam ,haunted places in jorhat, haunted places in nagaon and haunted places in tezpur. Although we could not find any  famous haunted places in tezpur but we have make a list of haunted places in Assam of other cities. Here we will discuss top 10 most haunted places in Assam including haunted places of guwahati. It is a disclaimer that all information is collected and we don't claim any authenticity of the listed real haunted places in Assam. 


Hahim Picnic Spot is a beautiful natural place, which is few km away from Guwahati in Assam. The beautiful place turns into silent eerie place just after the sunset. The highway passed through it is supposed to be haunted and there are reports of several unusual activities after the sunset.


This village is just a 40 kms away from Guwahati to Nagaon road.This is in 9th position in our top 10 haunted places of Assam list.Mayang is also known as the capital of black magic.History says, sorcery has been practiced in Mayang since ancient times. Visitors can hear interesting stories from the local people about how black magic was used to turn people into tigers.Today if you visit Mayong you would be able to find a lot of people who have the ability to perform some unbelievable magic tricks in front of your eyes.


There is an infamous banyan tree in Puranigudam, Nagaon near Kakharigaon. During, 1820's Assamese-Burmese war, the Burmese Army killed innocent villagers by putting fire in them in the banyan tree. Local people today claims that the place is haunted by those souls and many accidents take place around the tree till today.


Various sources have claimed that they have experienced paranormal activities near Sundarbari cemetery of Guwahati, Assam. Many events such as accidents, getting sick, and scary sounds were experienced after midnight nearby this cemetery.This is in 7th position in our top 10 haunted places of Assam list.


There is a house near Tarun Fukan Road,Nagaon which is believed to be haunted by a teenager. It is believed that a teenager girl was raped and murdered in this house and since then the girl's spirit is trying to reach the criminals.


Once a guy from Guwahati got married to a girl from another district of Assam. After a few days, the girl continuously had dreams of ghosts attacking her, soon her health deteriorated.Doctors could not find the reason behind this, so finally the husband took her to a Tantric. The Tantric found that a evil spirit was trying to enter the body of the girl . The Tantric advised them to shift to a new place and then the problem was solved.


It is in the Namira Forest Reserve and it has been reported for some strange incidents. A woman can be heard laughing and crying loudly, but no one should be seen. There is a bamboo grove nearby and sometimes a sudden noise can be heard. But I am from nearby Nameri itself but I have not experienced such things till now.


It is a haunted lodge in Jorhat where residents hear sounds, screams, and crying noises coming from the inside of the house, when this place has been deserted for years.Many people who have tried to ridicule the haunted tag, see different types of symbols at different places in this house.This is in 2th position in our top 10 haunted places of Assam list.


Assam has a place named Jatna,in Dima Hasao district which is popular all over the world for the unknown accident of collective bird suicides. Most of the migratory birds leaving the area never leave the village.  It is said that this incident has been taking place without a break for year after the year more than a century

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