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Best Assamese books free download and Read Online: You may searching for best Assamese books to read in Assamese language & want to have Assamese books free download. Today we are going to help you to download Assamese books. We have found some famous Assamese books and we will give you these Assamese book download link for free. Our Assamese book list is not so long but you will update more Assamese books to read red online as soon as it is available. Some famous Assamese books are Miri jiyori, burhi aair sadhu, Assamese novel makam,deo langkhui, Assamese novel of ranju Hazarika, Assamese novel Anuradha Sharma Pujari pdf etc. In future, we will update short story in assamese language too. So keep visiting our website

Download Miri Jiyori - An Assamese novel free: Miri Jiyori is a famous Assamese novel by Rajnikant Bordoloi. This novel is based on a deeply sympathetic picture of the immortal love of a Miri couple Jonki-Panoi. The novel was published in 1894 and even after more than 100 years of its publication it is popular among Assamese readers. You can download Miri jiyori free from here - Download Ebook and if you want to read it on paperback you can buy from here - Buy Miri Jiyori Online.

Download Kakadeutar Harh- An Assamese book free download: Kakadeutar Harh(ককাদেউতাৰ হাড়) is a widely popular Assamese novel by Nabakanta Baruah who is known as ekhud kokaideu. This book was first published in the year 1974. The book won Sahitya Akademi Award in 1975. To read this Assamese book you can download Assamese book from here- Download Ebook.

Download Makam- An Assamese novel online: Makam, which means “golden horse” is an Assamese novel written by award-winning writer Rita Chowdhury. We are sorry to say that we don't of any download link for Assamese novel makam pdf but you can buy Assamese novel makam  online from here- Buy Makam

স্বর্ণ শিহৰণ - An Assamese detective novel by Ranju Hazarika free download: স্বর্ণ শিহৰণ Swarna sihoron is a detective novel by popular Assamese thriller writer Ranju Hazarika. This post is especially dedicated to all Ranju Hazarika fans. You can download this Assamese novel of ranju Hazarika from here- Download Ebook else you can buy Ranju Hazarika book from here- Buy Assamese Novels by Ranju Hazarika

তেজত আছন্ন অন্ধকাৰ - An Assamese thriller by Ranju Hazarika free download Here is another thriller তেজত আছন্ন অন্ধকাৰ story by Ranju Hazarika. This book was first published in the year 2000. Here I am sharing the first edition of the book. You can download this Assamese novel of Ranju Hazarika from here- Download Ebook  else you can buy Ranju Hazarika book from here- Buy Assamese Novels by Ranju Hazarika 

Download পৈশাচিক Assamese novel of ranju Hazarika: Here we are going to share with you a horror story in Assamese. The story পৈশাচিক is an Assamese Novel which was written by popular Assamese thriller writer Ranju Hazarika. Ranju Hazarika is the author who has the glory of writing a maximum number of Assamese books. His books are mainly thriller and adventure based. Personally, I am a great fan of the adventure and mystery novels written by Ranju Hazarika in Assamese. Here you can download this horror story in Assamese by ranju Hazarika- Download Ebook else you can buy ranju Hazarika book from here- Buy Assamese Novels by Ranju Hazarika.

Disclaimer: Please note that we have uploaded these books only which are currently not available in the market and at least 10 years old. The only aim of publishing eBooks on this website is to create a trend of e-reading in Assamese. We don't want to harm the Assamese book publishing industry. and  If you want to claim copyright for any book available on our website just drop me an email on, I will remove the content as soon as possible.


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