BOROLA KAI ACTORS REAL NAME Hello Friends, Today I am going to share with you the Borola Kai characters real name. Borola Kai is one of the most popular serials in Assamese Serial Industry. As most of the people want to know the real name of Borola kai actors, we have done a research and find out the real name of Borola Kai actors. We have listed down the Borola kai actor and actress real name below. We have also added Borola Kai actress real name with their Facebook profile id so that it will be easier for you to contact your favorite Borola Kai actor or actress.


The main character of BOROLA KAI is Chutiya Sir. He is none other than popular Assamese comedy actor  Hiranya Deka. Hiranya Deka has mostly worked in Assamese Films and now get associated with BOROLA KAI.


Another popular character in Borola Kai is Bhola. He is playing an interesting and important role in Borola Kai. So Bhola’s original name is PARAG SHARMA. He is currently staying in Guwahati and completed his studies from COTTON COLLEGIATE GOVT HS SCHOOL. You can connect with Bhola in facebook from here- click here


Maloti in BOROLA KAI is playing the role of the wife of Bhola. The real name of Maloti is Minakshi Kashyap. She is originally from RANGIA and completed her matriculation from ATHGAON BINAPANI HS SCHOOL. You can contact with Maloti from here facebook profile- click here   


Kerpa is playing the role of a friend of Bhola and Krupa's real name in Borola kai is kabindra das. He is originally from barpeta and completed his studies at Barpeta Vidyapith Higher Secondary School. You can contact with Kerpa from here - 


She is playing Kerpa’s Girlfriend role. She has done MBA at hr management from Sikkim Manipal University. She is originally from Nalbari. She left her Job at ING Vysya Bank and joined Assamese film industry in 2012. You can connect with here from here – click here.


Head Sir is one the respected character in BOROLA KAI. His original name is  Julen Bhuyan. He is originally from Biswanath Charilai. He has completed his schooling from Soteea HS School. He has also acted many Assamese Films. You can connect with him on facebook from here- click here


Premolota is playing the role of the wife of Head Sir. She is famous for her dialogue  ‘darling’. Her original name is Pallabi Phukan and recently she also joined Kohinur Theater. You can contact her from here- Click here.


He is playing a role of innocent  Muslim Rikshawala. His original name is Nitul Patowary and beautifully acts the role of a Muslim in Borola Kai. He is originally from Borpeta .You can connect with him from here- click here.


Khili is playing the role of the wife of Hafiz Kai. Her original name is HIMANI R SHARMA. She currently lives in GUWAHATI. You can connect with her from facebook- click here 


The original name of Rita is Ruma Kalita. She is originally from Guwahati and completed B.A in POLITICAL SCIENCE. You can connect with her from facebook - click here


This is the most interesting character in Borola Kai. She is none other than Channel Pehi. Channel Pehi real name is  RUMI BHUYAN TALUKDAR. You can find her on facebook - click here

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