What is MoneyTap ! First Indian Interest-Free Loan App- How to apply loan online from your mobile

MoneyTap First Indian Interest-Free Loan App: I
f you are a salaried person and you need a loan urgent basis for a short time MoneyTap will be the best option for you for the best loan option for 2018. So the question may be coming to your mind what is MoneyTap? Simply we can say MoneyTap is an RBL bank credit card application which has some unique features.  MoneyTap app comes from a Bangalore based startup in partnership with RBL bank. The MoneyTap office is in Bangalore In this article we will do MoneyTap app review as well as moneytap interest rate review.

What is MoneyTap: 
MoneyTap App is a first app-based "Credit Line" in India. It is founded by serial entrepreneurs Bala Parthasarathy, Anuj Kacker & Kunal Varma, who are IIT/ISB alumni It offers consumers to get instant credit from partner banks at the tap of a button from your mobile phone. "Credit Line"App refers that the partnership bank will issue a loan up to Rs 5 lakh without any interest. The credit limit could range from INR 25,000 to INR 5Lakhs depending on individual credit history. The unique feature of MoneyTap app rapidly evaluates the user’s credit in 7-minutes and tells them right way the amount they are eligible for. Against this limit, using the MoneyTap app, users can borrow as little as INR 3000 or as much as INR 5 lakhs and repay it as EMIs from 2 months to 3 years. Interest is paid only on the amount borrowed and rates can be as low as 1.25% per month.

Who are eligible for MoneyTap:  
MoneyTap has been launched in a partnership with The RBL Bank and is currently available for all salaried employees, living in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. It is also expanding its network all over India.

How to get MoneyTap App: 
You can download MoneyTap App from Android Play store or clicking on the download button from here-(DOWNLOAD) It establish a record in Playstore crossing 1,00,000 app installs in first three months since launch. MoneyTap connects the user with the banking systems for an instant approval of a loan and also a credit limit, depending on individual credit history. That's why it is called as 'MoneyTap - India's First Interest-Free Loan App'.

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