Top 5 Assamese university in Assam , List of Assamese University

Top 5 Assamese University :

Assam is a beautiful place in North East India. The literacy rate in Assam is 72.19 percent in which Assamese Universities plays an important role. There are so many factors to decide top Assamese Universities in Assam. Every university is best for its own activities and achievements. In this article, we will call the universities present in Assam as Assamese University  We will try to list out the best top 5 Assamese University. In Assamese university list, we will include bost private and govt universities as per our review.

1.Gauhati University:

The most famous and oldest Assamese University at Gauhati University. This Assamese University is located in the heart of Assam ie  Guwahati. It was established in 1948 just after independence. Most of the colleges and institutes in the middle as well as lower Assam is affiliated to this Assamese University. Approximately 326 colleges and institutes come under the affiliation of this Assamese University. Guwahati University comes is in 61st ranked all over India. 

2.Tezpur University:

This Assamese University is the only most popular central university in Assam. It is situated in the heart of the city of eternal romance, Tezpur. This Assamese University is established in 1994. Tezpur University is the outcome of the Assam Accord. Tezpur University is located on Napam, Tezpur which is 15 km away from the Tezpur city. Tezpur University was ranked 601-800 in the world and 100 in Asia in 2018. In this Assamese University, a National Level Annual Technical Festival namely TechXetra is being organized every year.

3.Assam University:

Assam University is one of the Assamese Universities situated in Barak Valley, Assam. This Assamese University is located on Durgakona about 20 km away from the city, Silchar. This Assamese University has about 16 schools having 42 departments. The main campus of Assam University is about 600 acres. This Assamese University was ranked 87th position in India in 2018. Most of the colleges in Barak Valley including the colleges of Dima Hasao and Karbi Anglong district falls under this Assamese University.

4.Dibrugarh University:

This Assamese University is the heart of Upper Assam. This Assamese University is a teaching cum affiliating university which was established in 1965. Dibrugarh University is situated at Rajabheta which is situated around 5km away from Dibrugarh Town. This Assamese University is ranked 101–150 band overall in India in 2018 and also ranked 84th position among the universities. Students from upper Assam comes to study here to make a beautiful and successful career.

5.Royal Global University:

This is the most famous private Assamese University. This Assamese University is the fifth private university in Assam. Royal Global University is situated in the capital of Assam i.e. Guwahati City. This Assamese University has 13 institutions under it including Engineering and Technology School. This Assamese University is well known for its beautiful campus. Mr. A.K. Pansari is the current chancellor of Royal Global University, Assam.

There is a total of 19 Assamese Universities are present in Assam. We have tried to find out the best top Assamese university in Assam as per our knowledge. This list of Assamese Univerisity is best only for our review. These Assamese Universities are making a milestone in Assamese history for higher studies in Assam.


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