Baishagu Festival | Baishagu Festival Of Bodos Assam | Festivals of Assam

Baishagu Festival | Baishagu Festival Of Bodos Assam

Who Celebrates Baishagu Festival:

Baishagu is a festival celebrated by the Bodos community of Assam. This is one of the major festivals for the Bodos among all other festivals. The Baishagu festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm by the Bodo people in mid of April. In the same time, the people of Punjab celebrates Baisakhi and Assamese people of Assam celebrates Rangali Bihu.

The Bodos are believed to have been migrated from Tibet. They are one of the longest scheduled tribes in Assam. They are mostly found in the districts on lower Assam.

When Baishagu Festival Celebrated :

The celebration of Baishagu Festivals lots of Programs scheduled by the people of Assam. Worshiping of the cow is the first program of Baishagu Festival and it also marks the first day of the week-long festival. The next day is followed by the "Bathow Puja" which syncs with the first day of the Assamese month "Bohag". Bathow Puja is known as Lord Shiva by other Hindus. The Bodos show their respect towards Lord Shiva by offering "Rice Beer" and "Chicken" on the second day of the festival.

How Baishagu Festival is Celebrated :

In the festival of Baishagu, The younger ones seek blessings from their parents and elder ones. The celebration of Baishagu Festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and pump. People perform traditional dances and sing their traditional songs for the delight of the tourist.

The traditional instruments add more beauty to traditional songs and dances when played along. Instruments like Kham, A Drum, Khawbanj, The cymbal, Gogona, The flute are some of their traditional instruments. Their traditional dance is known as the "Bathow". Their dance mainly aims to pacify Lord Shiva whom day believe to exist in the thorny tree. They wear their traditional dress "Dokhonas" throughout the festive week.

The community prayer in a public area marks the end of the celebration of Baishagu Festival.

Some Images of Baishagu Festivals:

We have collected some images of bwisagu 2019. Bwisagu 2019 images are collected from various sources. Here are some clicks of bwisagu 2019

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